What Does a High Performing Data Science Team Look Like?

Data-driven companies deal with large amounts of complex data for processes such as research, machine learning (ML) backed services, analysis, and decision making. They put together custom data science teams for specific tasks geared to meet the company’s bottom lines. Some of these tasks include experimentation, which involves finding new ways to utilize data into […]

Top Data Analytics and Data Science projects for eCommerce businesses

Data Analytics and Data Science projects for eCommerce businesses The growing accessibility of complicated data science tools in everyday life has been a major boost for small eCommerce businesses, who can now use data analysis to improve the way they work more than ever before. Research that would have taken a team of specialists many […]

What A Data-Driven Company Really Looks Like

Business leaders have spoken at length about how important it is for modern companies to be “data-driven”. Effectively harnessing data is critical when it comes to setting corporate strategy. The challenge is taking that theory and putting it into practice. Here’s how leading companies are building true data-driven cultures. Management Leading By Example Data-driven cultures […]

Top 10 books for the data-driven executive

In a world driven by data, data science is quickly growing beyond all the challenges in the future, and it has now become the sixth sense. Educating yourself using data science books is a holistic approach to gaining data skills, problem-solving, programming, analyzing trends, and predicting their impact on your business. Below is a list […]